Group 1037

We are a Digital and Creative Team

We are an intelligent and agile community that combines the knowledge and experience of the past with innovations and can take URGENT action with fast and functional solutions. Let’s meet, let’s get to know each other while drinking a zoom coffee. Let’s talk about the independence of the online environment with pleasure. If we can cure our troubles, we start a long-term partnership. We are like this, we live by doing #Social Media and #Advertising Management, #Graphic Design, #Web Design, #E-Commerce Systems Installation, #Photo and #Video Production, #Seo for you. Let’s do this with #Love too. If you want to join our fun world, #Bi Kahve is always ready.

Why U.S?

As Kando Social Agency, we try to know the sector and the brand down to the last detail in all the services we provide to our customers regarding digital marketing solutions, in all the projects we carry out, and we act as a department of the company, not as a solution partner outside the brand. Our priority is to do our best and deliver measurable results.


Our Experts Answers The Most Common To Help You Solve The Problems On Your Mind

Having the software you need done by professionals allows users to complete the work in a shorter time comfortably. This will allow you to devote more time to your work.

Kando Creative Agency Strategy is a very important issue for business life. The longevity of brands is largely determined by their strategies. Brands without a good strategy are short-lived. The value of a good strategy is especially evident in times of crisis. While everyone is looking around, not knowing what to do, brands with strong strategies take the lead.

Choosing the right content on your Website and Social Media will allow you to reach the audience you want directly.